This is what happens...

When more MOTHERS get involved in school wellness programs...

The whole school district prospers. 

Not only that...

School wellness programs help young students develop lifelong wellness habits

and avoid academic 'Burn Out'

as they transition into college. 

In fact,

when more children have the resources,

the support,

and the COACHING

they need to stay

HEALTHY and MENTALLY SHARP all year long...

It probably means that you have access to an active school wellness program.

Welcome To The PTA Fit Club

The Professional Trainers Association.


 Parents, Guardians, and Educators

Parent-organized school wellness systems are designed to keep our children safe, healthy, and well.

...But parents Can't do it all.

As a group,

The Professional Trainers Association is made up certified trainers, coaches, wellness professionals, and medical professionals.

Spearheading this group of wellness advocates is Siddiq Shakur, the founder of the PTA Fit Club.

The PTA Fit Club's mission is to market, promote, and advocate for better school based wellness programs for you and your children.

As Parents,

It is our ultimate goal to provide every member of your family with the tools, tactics, and techniques you'll need to support your young student.

This Fall, 

You Are Invited.

Join the PTA Fit Club's new membership site.

  • Enjoy all of our fundraisers, classes, online seminars, and wellness challenges.
  • Meet local fitness and wellness professionals who are committed to your family's health.
  • Save your school money as you participate in our fitness and wellness events.

This is what happens when more mothers meet

Siddiq Shakur,

The Founder The PTA Fit Club.

They learn how it all started.


This is a great place to learn more about The PTA Fit Club.


This is what happens when more mothers join the PTA Fit Club

More Family - More Fitness - More Fundraising

PTA Fit Club (Boot Camp)

Parents, Teachers, and Students. It's time to get fit. From kettlebells to CrossFit, you'll be doing more than fundraising. Your next fundraiser will leave you feeling healthy.

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PTA Fit Club (Teams)

The Parent/Teacher Athletic League. You thought the PTA was about cooking and ice cream socials. Our Parent Teacher Athletic League is about more. More Family More Fitness More Healthy Comptetion. 

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PTA Fit Club (Systems)

Challenges Faced By Every School. To guarantee a high level of quality control for your school's wellness program, we employ a group of parents to oversee each program, workout, and system.


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This Is What Happens When More Mothers Visit Our Blog.

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This Is What Happens When We INNOVATE.

1. Mobile Wellness Lab

School wellness is not a seasonal thing...

Its an ALL DAY thing. 

When it comes to keeping our children healthy and fit all year long, our mobile wellness lab provides sustainable, affordable coverage for you, your school, and your family.

Sign up today and start your fall off right.

Learn More.

2. Resistance Training At Its Finest

Your membership in the PTA Fit Club gives you access to our resistance training program, VertiMax.

VertiMax offers superior new training technology for our all of our clients, parents included.

After the PTA meeting, ice cream social, and pizza party, let the PTA Fit Club and VertiMax help you resist those extra pounds.

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3. RaptorFit. Speed, Agility, Quickness, At Your Pace.

Once you start your PTA Fit Club at your school, everyone will be a little lighter on their feet. 

Our speed, agility, and quickness program is open for everyone to enjoy.

No matter the sport,

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Into better fitness.

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An Unforgettable Fitness Fundraising Event, And An Awesome Pledge Drive.


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